Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Big Kid Playroom

The kids and I have been very diligent with our 30 minutes of parent jobs this summer. Last week, we spent way more than that a day and finished the playroom! It was time for a major overhaul, and the kids did wonderfully! I waited a week to see if it was really functional, but here are the results:
Please notice the table is actually empty for playing, and the toddler doll houses are gone, making way for completed Lego creations:
Art supplies are neatly organized:
Craft kits are accessible in a cupboard:
And look at those craft books and papers:
And the art table can actually be used for art--no more baskets and bins lining the back:
This room continued our theme of purge and simplify. The kids really get it, and they've done a great job only keeping what they will actually use and letting the rest go. They also have done a great job of actually keeping their spaces clean, which makes this mama's heart very happy.

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