Thursday, July 9, 2015

Well...That Sucked

No other way to say it. The past 14 hours have been a bit sucky. While I was teaching down the hall last night, someone stole my wallet from my office.

Aside from the obvious feeling of invasion and annoyance, I have to say it could have been so much worse. While I was in class, my phone kept getting calls from unknown numbers. It turns out they were my credit cards alerting me to odd activity. I had emails at the end of class, too. Every company had already shut everything down. I had a dollar and change in the wallet.

Campus police came immediately to take a report and were beyond kind. I came home and started the rounds of calls, and every person I talked to was kind and gracious. New cards are on the way. Charges are already cleared. Expedited fees and replacement fees were all waived. I had extra checks at home. Driver's license is on it's way. I have a passport until it gets here.

Honestly, I am most upset about the loss of my kids' school pictures and the brand new wallet! But...I have copies of all the pictures and can replace the wallet. It was from 31, and my generous friend is selling it to me at her cost.

The best part if the Chief of Police at Meredith is on it. This kind of thing just doesn't happen on our campus. I have left my office open while I teach for five years without incident. The chief is taking this a bit personally. Thankfully, whoever stole my wallet was a special kind of stupid. He bought $100 Walmart gift cards one at a time at the same Walmart. I have the address and the transaction numbers, and as I type campus police are on their way to the store to review security footage.

In the grand scheme of life, this isn't tragic. It's just stuff. They left everything else, including my briefcase and car keys. No one was hurt. I wasn't in the office. I told the kids what was going on since I have to make a million phone calls and don't have my new wallet, and I mean what I told them. It's just stuff. Stuff can be replaced. Our life will go on. I am more concerned about the thief. If they really needed financial help, I hope they get it. If we fed a family last night, that's not a bad thing. If they just went on a spree, I hope they get a very different kind of help. Either way, it's not really about us. We weren't hurt aside from a little lost time. And this is also why I never carry cash.

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