Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Phone Calls

Brad and I got a bad case of the giggles yesterday. One of Issa's friends moved away this summer, and yesterday afternoon we heard her little voice on the answering machine lamenting her new home. To say she hasn't fallen in love is an understatement. Issa immediately called her back, and Brad and I witnessed a rite of passage as she spent the next forty minutes wandering around the house talking on the phone. Thank goodness for digital phone. I have a feeling this will become a much more frequent occurrence. It really was so cute.

As if that wasn't enough, poor Evan had to deal with being relegated to little brother status. The kiddos have been inseparable this summer, and the fact that Issa was on the phone and really didn't want him in on the conversation was more than he could bear. We then had the audacity to suggest that this might be happening more frequently. Pitiful.

We are definitely growing up around here, and I think I'm ready for this next stage of life.

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