Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Farm Fun

The kids and I headed to the farm last night. We enjoyed the Tuesday evening potluck and caught up on all the farm news. Little Guy, the cow, is doing much better after a run of weepy eyes. Crops are coming up well, and the shade garden is completely finished. We also had 15 new chicks delivered to the farm Monday! Unfortunately, 4 were eaten over night even though they were in a kennel in the shed. The only explanation is snake, and so the main project of the evening was to be snake proofing the chicks. We pulled an unused, solid water trough to the shed, and about that point the heavens opened up! We crowded in the shed and started making a new home for the chicks, and the kids were more than happy to hold the babies while we made the move.

And then the rain stopped...and the puddle appeared...and the kids had a blast:

I am so thrilled that we found this community farm. I love that the kids are learning where food comes from, and I love that they have a place where they can also just be kids outside splashing in giant puddles. Life is good.

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