Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Puppy Love

Yesterday, I dropped the kids of at camp and then did very mundane adult things like getting an oil change. I am working from home most of this week wading through data and creating all the end of year reports, and I can do that from an oil place just as well as my desk.

When I got back home, the cleaning lady was still finishing downstairs, so I slipped up to my room where I could spread sheets of data across the bed to try to start making sense of numbers that don't add up. I was sitting at the head of the bed surveying the chaos when I heard Neela come back inside. I heard her thudding paws come up the stairs and down the hall, and then I saw her head snap up when she saw me--she didn't know I was home. She vaulted over the foot of the bed, knocked me into the pillows, and starting smothering me in kisses. Paper was flying everywhere, and I just didn't care.

There truly is something so magical about a dog's love. It's very difficult to stay grumpy about a project when you are literally knocked over my 65 pounds of pure love. I think I'll keep her.

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