Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Camp

The kids have been having a blast at Camp Chestnut Ridge this week! They chose the day camp option, and they have been coming home filthy, stinky, a little scratched up, and blissfully happy.

Issa is in art and crafts camp, and she is loving making all kinds of traditional camp crafts: dream catchers, painted pots, lanyards--oh, the lanyards. She is also swimming and hiking and gardening and having a great time.

Evan is in the general camp, and he has been rafting, swimming, hiking, cooking, scavenger hunting, and climbing trees. 

I love that they are getting to just be kids outside. I love listening to them chatter when I pick them up, and I love the way they crash hard at night. Good tired.

They are both saying the want to do residential camp next year, so we'll see!

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