Monday, September 26, 2016

Another Birthday in the Books

We officially wrapped up Issa's tenth birthday celebrating this weekend with her friends. She really wanted an art party with just two of her very closest friends, and this girl embraced the event planner role:
 There was much angst about how the paints should be lined up. She wanted the colors balanced on each side of the table:
 She was quite thrilled with the result, though.
 When the girls arrived, they set to making the cupcakes:
 Issa thought it would be way more fun if they baked them together. I just sat back and coached. Their sweet hearts offered to clean up, but it was such a mess when they finished I decided it would be best if I just handled it. Cocoa and flour had been flying, and I didn't have it in me to see the mess spread.

They went outside to play for a while, and then came in to paint canvases:
 They were all very abstract, which was fun. When the finished they went upstairs to play American Girl and color before dinner.

After dinner, it was time to frost said cupcakes:
 Daddy was in charge of any frosting debacles. They put the two frostings in the bags together, which made some cool patterns:
 And of course they added sprinkles:
 And then it went downhill:
 Ending with Daddy decorating Evan:
It was all so fun. These sweet girls can move into my house anytime. They are so polite, so kind, and so fun. I think it was the perfect way to end Issa's celebration, and I can't wait for many more with these girls.

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