Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Creating Space

Life is messy right now. The early fall is a perfect storm. The kids are heading back to school, my students are coming back to campus, my classes are beginning, and Brad's work is a zoo, including more travel. We have the best laid plans and I prep the heck out of every week, but it's a little nuts. All the balls are amazingly in the air, but the days sometimes leave me a little drained--a lot drained.

So...I'm trying to be more intentional about creating space for myself. Slowing down. Being present. I blew it for a while yesterday, trying to multitask and becoming more frazzled by the moment. But--progress! I recognized it.

There were a million things I should have done last night. But I didn't. I just sat and snuggled two big dogs and watched some fluff. Feet up. Being still.

I talk to my students a lot about self-care and creating space for themselves. I'm so glad I'm finally starting to listen.

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