Friday, September 2, 2016

Forever Tries

Last night was rough. The best laid plans went slightly askew, and when I got home from a really long work day I realized we had a mess. Homework wasn't started. Kids were fourth day of school tired--so was I. At the low point Issa declared maybe she just wasn't responsible enough for fifth grade. Both Issa and I cried; thankfully I waited until they were in bed. Everyone was fine when they went to bed, but it was ugly.

But this morning we were reminded life is forever tries. We all woke up with fresh perspective and the promise of a three day weekend. I got up a little earlier just to be sure everything was set before they woke up. Issa woke and announced maybe her forgotten folder situation wasn't that tragic. Evan actually got out of bed when the alarm went off. We were on the upswing.

Over breakfast, I apologized for losing my shorts. They apologized for losing their minds. We made plans to avoid it in the future. Forever tries.

Issa found her folder in her desk when we got to school, and I signed it. Her teacher saw the whole thing and said it could really wait until next week, but Issa came clean to her about her melt down last night. I held my breath waiting for the response, which was a hug and a reassurance that she was, in fact, perfectly capable of fifth grade and had a great week. I bit my lip and thanked God for good teachers. Forever tries.

New beginnings are hard, and routines take time. But I am so grateful for mornings that bring perspective and the chance to try again--and they always come.

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