Friday, September 16, 2016


This week, I am even more grateful for Brad. I managed to get really sick this week. I thought I might be coming down with something Monday, by Tuesday night I knew I was in trouble, and by Wednesday morning Brad was driving me to urgent care.

It was my first ever trip to urgent care, and the people there were amazing. But Brad was even more amazing. He held my hand and did a lot of medical translation. When they asked about my pain, I said 4. Brad said I was more like a 6-7, which confused the nurse a bit. When I explained my scale that 10 was missing an appendage and 7 was child birth, they explained the actual scale on which I was definitely a 7 since I couldn't think straight. That's when they gave me the torodal and I got stupid.

Brad translated and answered on my behalf. I will be forever grateful that when the staff was talking to me I could just look at him and he handled it. It made me feel so incredibly safe and cared for.

I ended up having pre-kidney stones which lead to a raging UTI all caused by likely eating too many leafy greens. I've been eating arugula like it's my job, and apparently my body wasn't processing the oxenates well. Totally avoidable with the addition of some olive oil and moderation in my greens consumption, but I'm just saying a cheeseburger wouldn't have done this to me.

Brad called everyone I needed to touch based with at work since I was out yesterday, too, saving me much embarrassment. Have I mentioned I don't do well on pain killers? I have no recollection of coming home, but he tucked me in and got my meds and chicken noodle soup. He spent the past two days following behind my space cadet self and keeping me from making a mess of anything. He's been amazing. And I am so, so grateful.

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