Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, Issa!

Well...this girl turned 10 on Monday:

 She was so excited to finally be two whole hands.

The one thing she asked for this year was a pocket knife, and Brad was more than happy to oblige:
 She opened it before school, and she has been looking for things to cut all week. If a box arrives, she's your girl!

She took apple slices and lemonade to school. This is the first year I didn't go; in fifth grade you just drop snack off. That was a tough one for Mama.

Issa was very excited that it was a dance day, too! Her team sang to her:
 And then she came home to make her own birthday dinner--egg drop soup and egg rolls:
 This was also the first year I got kicked off birthday dessert duty. She wanted Daddy's chocolate chip cookies, but he raised the stakes and made chocolate chip cookie donuts:
 And she was one ecstatic girl:
She had a great birthday, although she said ten really didn't feel that different. Here's to a great year, baby girl...

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