Monday, September 19, 2016

Busy Weekend

We had a grand time this weekend! There were lots of little adventures tucked in along the way, and it all started with Hog Day! We have lived in Hillsborough for 12 years, but we have never been to the annual event. Friday, we decided to end the streak. 

The kids were way too excited to discover the opportunity to do a little panning:
 Issa chose a shore bag of sand, and she loved finding really cool shells, sea glass, and shark teeth:
 Evan opted for the rock bag, which added to his already sizable collection:
 We had hoped for BBQ at the event, but we didn't think it all the way through. It's a BBQ competition, and it starts Friday. Therefore, when we were there the pork was raw. After way too much bouncing in bounce houses, checking out all the vendors, and sampling snow cones, we made our way to a BBQ restaurant to satisfy the craving. Next year, we go on Saturday!

Saturday, Issa had a sleep over at the studio, and the boys settled in for a day/evening of video games and guy stuff. They did take a break to go with me to the farm, but other than that I just stayed out of the way! I did tackle some mending, some dance mom stuff, and finally hung some things on the walls:
 Issa made these--one for each member of our family:
 Sunday, Issa came home and crashed for a few hours before she and I went to the ballet:
We saw La Mer, and it absolutely did not disappoint. The boys went to see a superhero movie, and everyone is pretty sure they got the better end of that deal!

It's looking like a crazy busy week, but it should be a good one!

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