Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let the Celebrating Begin!

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend! Mom and Shannon came into town to kick off the birthday celebrating for a certain girl who insists on turning 10! This two whole hand thing is freaking me out.

Issa wanted a paint splatter cake, and she and Nana made it happen. Even the inside looked like paint splatters! I do love watching these two bake together:
 There was also the requisite fashion. We girls went on our annual shopping trip, and Aunt Shannon brought many cool outfits with her for the birthday girl. This of course prompted a fashion show--complete with security this year:
 Evan gave Issa his gift early--a selfie stick. Help:
 Can she just stay little a while longer?
 Batman pajamas:
 I just can't:
 She was one very happy girl:
 Even with a little brother photo bomb:
 I will be forever grateful that my sister, in the midst of her crazy busy life, makes time for my kiddos:
 And makes them laugh like no one else can:
 And mom made the drive down this trip:
 And our little family felt so loved all weekend:
 And Issa blew out the first of many candles:
We spent the rest of the weekend just enjoying the time with family. Shannon had to fly back Sunday night, so she missed the great closet clean and purge in Issa's world. Nana is the best at that whole gig. We enjoyed a Labor Day picnic, and Nana made her famous pancakes before she hit the road again this morning. It was a great weekend to begin what I know will be a great month of celebrating.

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