Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bittersweet Until Next Time

Any one who knows me knows I am a sucker for a good bag. I love them. But this bag...this bag is truly special.

A very dear friend is moving to Illinois today--Normal, Illinois to be exact--and don't think I will let that name go. I am thrilled for her. She is the first of our cohort to get a full faculty position in a place she will be really happy. It is so exciting.

But, it also means I had to say until next time, not knowing when next time will be. We enjoyed a long lunch, laughed, talked about our courses, our families, our friends. We pretended as long as we could this was just another lunch date. Eventually, though, we had to leave. As I was fighting the lump in my throat, she game me this bag, and we both cried. She and her mom made it, and it is so very special for so many reasons. When I got home, I filled it with my teaching materials, so she will be with me whenever I teach.

We set up times to talk, and I know we will stay in touch, but I will certainly miss our lunches...and her.

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