Monday, July 25, 2011

Dress the Part

This is one loved little girl. Miss Steph knows the way to Issa's heart: wardrobe! She is determined to make Issa a figure skater, and the costume certainly helps:
Issa was thrilled to go skating yesterday! She really does love it, and she's so lucky to have Miss Steph and Mr. Ryan to skate with:

She's getting better! She made it all the way down the rink on her own!

She would much rather hold on to Miss Steph and go fast or on one foot. It's amazing to watch her fearlessness on the ice. She took one good fall and hopped right back up. She has great balance, and she is pretty strong for as small as she is.

We are so blessed to have such good friends that love our kids and provide them opportunities like this one. We are so grateful that the kiddos have other adults outside of our family that love them and are such strong role models. Needless to say, I was one happy mama yesterday--and always.

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