Saturday, July 23, 2011


This pretty much captures our day: pajamas and smiles. You know you need a lazy day around the house when the kiddos are begging for it. We were all too happy to oblige. Here are the top ten highlights:

  1. Homemade scones for breakfast.

  2. A nice long nap in the afternoon.

  3. A house that is evidence of the fun and general laziness--aka: a mess!

  4. Helping Issa achieve a perfect chaine turn.

  5. "Drinking" cup after cup of Evan's coffee (water poured over small balls and rocks).

  6. Evan trying desperately to wear Barbie's sun glasses.

  7. Issa and Evan playing kitchen for hours with only a few squabbles.

  8. Homemade ice cream for dessert.

  9. More laughs than one day should be allowed to hold.

  10. A truly happy, relaxed family.

We love our adventures, but sometimes a lazy day full of snuggles and smiles is even better.

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