Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mommy and Issa and Friends, Oh My!

Issa earns pebbles for doing chores around the house, and when she gets 50 pebbles she can choose to either receive $5 or do something fun of her choosing. Usually, she wants the cash. This week, though, she decided we should go see the new Pooh movie with our friends Shelby and Miss Crystal. I was all about that idea! It was a great girls' day!

It started with wishes in the fountain:
And a little Mommy/Issa time while we waited for our friends:

We chatted about her new school and what to do at a movie. You see, this was the first movie Issa saw in a theater! She and Daddy tried it once and didn't make it through the whole thing. Yesterday, she was a champ! It was a cute movie, and she was very proud of her big girl self.

When the movie ended, there was time for more wishes:

And then a lunch at Panera and some time on the inside playground at the mall. Life was good.

I love these days when I get some good one on one time with this girl. She talks more, or maybe I make time to listen more, but it's good for both of us.

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