Monday, August 25, 2014

And They're Off!

We are off for the first day of school in the outfits they chose themselves--right down to the shoes!
 Issa is so excited about third grade:
 With her purple zebra backpack:
 She is really hoping they do a lot with history this year, and she's most excited about writing on her desk with an Expo marker. It's the little things with her.

Evan could hardly wait for kindergarten with his Batman backpack:
 This may be my favorite picture of our little man ever:
He is so excited about all things kindergarten--especially the math center that has all manner of blocks in it.

We had strict instructions from Issa about how drop-off was to roll. Walk her in, give her one hug, and go. She could totally handle all of her supplies and was anxious to just get to it. She was the first one in the room, which suited her just fine, and as we left I heard her chatting to her teacher about her pencil box. All was well.

Evan didn't have a plan, but we walked in, he put his bag in his cubby, and he told us we could go. Thirty seconds in the room. As I looked back over my shoulder, he was settling in at his desk to color looking very big. I didn't cry until we were out of the building, and even then it was just a tear. I don't even really know why. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he will be safe and loved and will learn so much this year. I know he is confident and ready for this new adventure. I think he's just so very big it makes my heart hurt a little.

Now...I wait for the bus and the stories!

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