Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Secret Lunch Date

Because kindergarten does a staggered entry, little man didn't have school yesterday. He was pitiful when we dropped Issa off. He wanted to stay so badly, but he held it together and almost sounded like he meant it when he told her to have fun at school.

We went back home, and I got some work finished and mowed the grass while he very happily built train tracks and Lego creations. He played outside and threw the ball with the dogs. In short, he was angelic and let me accomplish a few things all morning. So, he and I blew off my to do list for the afternoon. Nothing says date afternoon with Mom like lunch at the McD's PlayPlace:
He had the place to himself and was in heaven. I did swear him to secrecy because Issa would be so upset she didn't get to go. She is old enough that, "But you got to go to school," wouldn't fly.

After he had climbed all he could climb, we went birthday shopping for Issa. At the one hour mark I really thought my head might explode, but he finally made an incredibly thoughtful choice with just enough time left to get home and get it wrapped before Issa got home.

He really is the funniest kid, and I am so grateful we got a little extra time together. This morning, he couldn't get in his classroom fast enough, and I can't wait to hear all about his adventures this afternoon.

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