Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coolest Kids Ever

I am a big believer in going back to school with clean rooms and organized spaces. I guess it's just the fresh start of it all. So, this week has been declared clean it up week. The kids' rooms looked like a hurricane blew through, and the playroom has one too many projects going. It's time.

Last night, I sent them upstairs to clean, which is a new found freedom for them. They are learning how to put things where they make sense to them, and I'm learning how to let go. It's a happier cleaning experience for them, and it's a growth opportunity for me. One the way up, I told them I wanted to see "significant progress" in their rooms before bath.

When I went up to check, some cleaning had happened, but not as much as I had hoped. Then I was informed they had been rehearsing a play entitled, "Significant Progress" and were ready to stage it in their rooms. I couldn't help but laugh and then settle in for the show.

In the play, Old MacDonald becomes disenchanted with the farm and sets out to find a life where he doesn't have to work so hard and can just buy groceries at the store. He says goodbye to the cow and heads off to Hawaii. At first, he enjoys the beach and sun, but he quickly becomes bored and decides the food doesn't taste very good. Having nothing to do, he launches into a song entitled, "I'm So Lost." At the end of the song, he decides to move back to the farm and realizes he is happiest working and food tastes a lot better when it's local. His faithful cow is there to greet him and they all live happily ever after. The end.

I was fairly impressed. Apparently all our conversations about local produce and work on the farm is hitting home. Their rooms are still a disaster, but I wouldn't trade that moment for anything. I sure do love these kiddos.

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