Friday, August 1, 2014

The Big Kid

In my eyes, Issa is still my little girl, my baby girl. But there are moments when I realize she is not so little any more, and they always take my breath away.

This week, I have watched her be the cool big kid across the street. Parker has been coming over to play with Evan, and Issa has invited Lauren to come, too. Lauren is three and is pretty sure Issa walks on water. I have watched Issa be the cool big kid who gives her lip gloss and does her hair. I have watched her play whatever Lauren wanted to play knowing full well it wouldn't be her choice. When I realized she was so big, though, was when Lauren tripped and I saw Issa simply scoop her up and make it better. I took two steps and then realized I wasn't needed. My baby had scooped a toddler with ease and was making it all better.

I have been so grateful to be able to watch the interaction this week, to see Issa's giant heart and Lauren's adoring eyes. If I'm truly honest, I'm struggling more with Issa going to third grade than with Evan going to kindergarten. She's just growing up so fast, and I'm trying to drink in every moment.

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