Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snuggles and Introverts

My sweet, sweet baby boy...

You are loving kindergarten--every single minute. Your teachers have complimented your kindness and your listening. You talk for an hour straight when you get off the bus. I love that. But I knew last night was coming.

Bless your heart. You hit a wall of exhaustion. Here's a little secret, sweet boy: we are introverts. Interacting with people saps us. We love people. We bond deeply. But...we also need to recharge our souls. We need space and solitude. After these busy days of meeting new people and doing new things, your little battery was just empty. You were out of cope, and all you wanted was snuggles. All you needed was your bed.

So, at 7:30, a half an hour before bedtime, I took you up to your bed, and I laid down with you for snuggles. You cried big alligator tears about how you were not tired and all your wanted was snuggles. I mentioned we were snuggling and you said, "I know but all I want is snuggles." You were empty.

For the first time, baby boy, I realized your arms around me were heavy. No longer little tiny arms I barely felt. You are so big. A few tears ran down my cheek, too, because I love you so very, very much, and I know there will come a day when snuggles is the last thing you will ask for. You are growing up so quickly, and I'm beginning to see glimpses of the man you will become.

Within five minutes, your little eyes grew heavy and you drifted off to sleep. You woke up recharged and anxious to go to kindergarten. Soon, your battery won't empty so fast. But if it does, know I am and will always be here.

Love forever and always,

Your Mama

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