Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The goods news is the kids loved, loved, loved camp. I knew Issa would, but to hear Evan talk about it was hysterical. The details are so fuzzy, but I know he had a blast and learned about spiders and Spiderman.

I love that my kids have the experience of summer camp--I really do. But this week is so draining for me. I feel like all I do is drive. Yesterday, I drove the kids 20 minutes to camp, 30 minutes on to my office, crammed in some work, drove 30 minutes back to camp, 20 minutes home, was there for an hour, drove 20 minutes to ninjitsu, was there for 30 minutes, and then drove 20 minutes home. That is a grand total of 140 minutes in the dang car. I'm trying to find the joy in listening to their chatter and the quiet time when I am alone, but it's so hard...and the thought of the rest of the week is just soul crushing. Just keeping it real. I'm hoping that if I say it out loud here I can move past it, refocus. I can do this...

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