Monday, August 11, 2014

Date Night

We had a great weekend, but the highlight was absolutely date night Saturday night. Brad and I hadn't gone out in about forever, and we had a whole French themed evening.

We went to dinner at Vin Rouge, which was a new find for us. We sipped red wine over a duck confit frisee salad and a trifellette that was said to be for two but was really for an army. They were both so decadent and lovely, and it was made even lovelier by eating on the patio listening to the rain. From there, we went to see "A Journey of 100 Steps," which I loved and Brad declared awful. It was admittedly predictable, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Even more than the fabulous food and a movie, it was great just to have time together. We talked about all manner of things, laughed, and got caught in a rainstorm that left us both soaked on the way home. It was lovely--even lovelier because this is a crazy week. It's campus kick-off week for me and Boot Camp for Issa. Thankfully, Brad was able to be home all week or I don't think we would have made it. I have a feeling I'll be thinking back to Saturday all week and wishing for duck confit and a quiet moment with my husband...

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