Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Superheroes!

Another milestone this morning. Evan set off for his first week of summer camp. Issa is a pro at camp at our museum, and she was the best big sister ever. While they are in different classrooms, they are both at Superhero camp this week, and they will be exploring similar things. Evan was a bit nervous, but Issa talked him through the days. This morning, they set off with matching camp shirts and packed lunches.

We dropped Issa off first, and Evan had a death grip on my hand. We walked to his classroom, and I was thrilled to see one of Issa's past camp teachers in his room. It did this mama's heart good. She had a bin waiting with his name on it for his backpack and lunch, and he bravely introduced himself and stashed his gear. I got one big hug, our handshake, and he was off to play. He didn't even look back, and when I peaked through the window he was happily settled in for camp. And I want major mom points for not crying when I got to the car. I'm sure our little superheroes are destined for a fabulous week.

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