Monday, May 18, 2015

A Weekend With My Girl

Issa spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning auditioning to be a part of Mini Company next year. She was so very, very nervous. Although she says she will be absolutely fine staying a Tiny, I know her heart is set on Minis. She feels really good about the audition, though, which is a good sign. If nothing else, she knows she gave it everything she had!

We also know our girl, and Brad and I knew that the last thing she needed was to sit around all weekend waiting and wondering--especially since she won't hear until after recital. So...I planned a very busy girls' weekend. 

After auditions, we went to Abby's house to make the end of year teacher gifts from the Tinys. It turned in to be Issa and Abby having a play date while Melanie and I crafted, but that was just fine. They had both worked hard at auditions, and I think the time to relax together was well earned.

With the gifts made, Issa and I headed home to catch a quick nap before a big night out. For the first time, I took Issa to an evening performance of the Carolina Ballet, which of course meant we got to get a little more dressed up:
 Issa was so excited to see "Cinderella." The ballet had commissioned an original piece of music, and the composer actually played the piece on the most beautiful baby grand I have ever seen. The ballet was beautiful and a little funny and just perfect. Issa was in love:
 (Side note: those are Gram's pearls. I have been meaning to get them converted from clips, but for now I am very glad I haven't yet.)

"Cinderella" was followed by two more ballets. Issa actually got teary during "Spartacus and Phrygia." She didn't know the story, but it was so beautifully danced that she got caught up in it. The last piece was truly one of the most interesting pieces I have ever seen. It was called "In the Grey," and the whole thing was only lit with white lights from the sides of the stage. We ended the night with a rickshaw ride to our car, causing Issa to declare it "the most magical night of my whole entire life."

Sunday morning, we slept in a bit and then tackled some real world things like dishes and homework before Issa and I headed out to high tea:
 I loved having the time to just chat with my girl. Issa loved everything about tea:
She is on a mission to get Daddy to perfect the tiny warm scones we ate.

We came home just in time to have a burger dinner with Ryan and Felicia. Ryan and Daddy created a whole new beast that was stuffed with caramelized onions, candied bacon, and roasted tomato goat cheese. It was pretty fabulous.

I think this will be one of those weekends that Issa remembers--I know I will.

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