Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Last night, as I was in the kitchen cleaning the fish tank, I heard the kids giggling upstairs. I have no idea what was so hysterical, but I never get tired of those giggles.

Laughter. When the kids look back on their childhoods, I hope they remember all the laughter. It's one thing we are really good at our house--it's more of our sound track, really. Sometimes, the laughter is mildly inappropriate, though. For instance, last night Daddy announced Evan was going to be completely made of ranch dressing at the rate he was eating it, which prompted Issa to reply, "We'll have to pull his fingernails off!" Brad and I were very confused and little horrified until Evan agreed: "Yeah. Or you would choke on them when you dip into me." What?! Hysterical laughter ensued. Appropriate dinner table conversation: probably not. Soul soothing laughter: absolutely.

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