Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Major Accomplishments

This was a fabulous, super productive weekend around our house. I'll write about the purely fun bits tomorrow, but today we need to feature the work.

We tackled Evan's room Mother's Day weekend, and Issa's room was reserved for Memorial Day weekend. And boy did we tackle it. Three trash sacks and six Goodwill bags later, Issa had purged her room down to the things she loves:

The chalkboard wall is set to get fabulous thanks to Aunt Shannon, but the rest of the room is finished. Issa can get to things so much more easily, and she loves the more "grown up" feel. She only got really frustrated with me once when we were just starting and she didn't see my logic. I only nearly lost it when we moved the bed and found half a bag of junk and most of a library.

In addition to this project, we also tackled our family room. We emptied the coat closet, armoire, and buffet. Everything was purged and then reorganized into a much cleaner looking, more usable space.

We are on a bit of a mission at our house. We are trying to purge down to the things we actually love and use. Everything else must go. We have realized we are entering a new season at our house, one that doesn't require child-proofing or everything being visible for little people. I think it's going to be lovely...

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