Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

This weekend was the definition of perfect. The kids came bounding off the bus on Friday with Mother's Day gifts for me. Issa made this truly beautiful flower:
 And Evan came home with a picture of him and then two fill in the blank sheets his teacher had helped him fill out. You'll be glad to know I am 15 years old and my favorite food is banana bread (not really). But this gem is my very favorite:
 I guess we don't have to worry about Evan's confidence or wonder who is the favorite. Oh how I love that boy.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing exactly what I asked for: redoing Evan's room. When Aunt Shannon comes, she is making his room into a ninja dojo, but there was a lot of ground work that needed laying. Friday night, the boys and I went out to dinner while the girl was at a birthday party. Then we went to Home Depot to get all of the necessary paint and wood. Saturday morning, Evan and I sorted through everything in his room. He pitched some, donated a lot, and moved everything else to the landing in preparation for the transformation. Brad ran to Lowe's for the rest of the materials, and then we dove in. I painted walls while Daddy and the kids worked on a window box and a cool wall hanging. We all went to bed very tired.

Sunday morning, they let me sleep in and brought breakfast in bed. I did a very impressive job of "sleeping through" our bedroom being decorated before breakfast arrived. With breakfast in our systems, we were back at it. Brad helped me get the furniture back in place, and then Evan and I moved everything in while Issa and Daddy headed back out to the garage to finish projects.

Brad made the best wedge salads I have ever eaten for dinner:
 Those are perfectly candied pecans that paired beautifully with the berries, feta, and poppy seed dressing. After lava cakes and Issa's famous pretzel kisses, we headed up to finish the room:
 Please notice all that floor space. His walls are now cathedral grey. I had a sentimental moment when I realized this was our fourth time painting this room: Issa's nursery, Evan's nursery, Evan's little boy room, and now this:
 The space under his bed is functional again:
 And the new window box is ready for its ninja touches when Shannon comes:
 But this is the coolest part:
The three sheets of metal and pegboard now hold Evan's hot wheels and his wall tracks. They double as a white board, which makes them even cooler.

It was a lot of work this weekend, but it was also a lot of family time. I would say it was perfection.

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