Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Weekend Fun

We packed a lot of work into last weekend, but we also managed to pack in a lot of fun.

Friday, the kids and I went to the library, and Issa made her way to the cookbook section. She picked up several, including the Cheerios Cookbook. We were all dubious, but she made her grocery list and then made muffins, parfaits, and pancakes over the course of the weekend--all to rave reviews.

Daddy pitched the tent in the backyard, and the kids camped over night and played in it by day. I love that they love being in the tent, listening to the birds and frogs.

Sunday night, we went to the neighbors for a barbecue. The kids ran and played. The adults talked and took turns watching kids so we could also spend time being adults. Brad even ran home with a neighbor to build a ridiculous "adult" yard game that involved two poles, a frisbee, and trying to knock a beer bottle down. We aren't quite ready to surrender to being fully grown up yet, but we all headed home to tuck in our kids.

Ryan and Felicia came over for dinner Sunday, which consisted of antipasti and us all eating around the island. No fuss.

The weekend was so simple, but it reminded me again how blessed we are to have a village that is so strong and so fun. I can't wait for this summer when we can enjoy it a little more...

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