Monday, May 4, 2015

Rockin' Relay

This weekend was a blur of activity, but each day deserves its own post.

Friday night, we set off to Relay for Life. Issa's Company had been invited to perform, and the girls were awesome! The night, however, was a comedy of errors. 

It had been raining off and on all week and most of the day Friday, but it cleared up just in time for Relay. It was chilly, but not terrible, so things were looking up. When we pulled into Relay, we were directed to park along the road. Unfortunately, the ground was very soft and there was just enough of a ditch for our van to get stuck when Brad was doing the three point required to park where we were told. In a moment that made me love our TTP Family even more, many dance dads were on hand within moments to try to help push it out. Another mom took Issa up for call. I got a bad case of the giggles. Alas, it was stuck. So Brad waited for AAA while Evan and I ran up to get Issa her shoes which were still in my purse.

I arrived to discover the ground was a muddy mess and the stage was tiny. The highlight of my night was watching the senior girls try to figure out how to dance with so little space. Poor Issa started to have a melt down because things were so sideways until she remembered we were there to support a good cause and Uncle Todd. She danced in his honor--her favorite survivor. And boy did she rally.

A volunteer fireman happened by and pulled the van out just in time for Daddy to make it for the performance, and all of the girls rocked it! Another family snapped these photos:

Issa had a blast performing just for the love of dance, and we were all so proud of the minis, the last group to dance. They kept going even when the skies opened up.

We went home to hot showers and warm cookies, and it was a great start to a fabulous weekend.

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