Monday, February 11, 2013

Big News

This weekend was just too much wonderful. It must be split into two posts. Beginning with Friday...
Big News: I am back to the world of full-time work. I will be the Director of the Meredith College Teaching Fellows Program. I could not be more thrilled! I had my final interview Friday morning, and they made the offer on the spot. I will be recruiting students, designing programing, and mentoring the fellows. These are honors students who know they want to be teachers and commit to teaching in-state once they finish. These are my people, and as I was driving home I realized that everything in my career has been leading to this point. As I answered interview questions, I realized every job had prepared me for this one. If that's not God's hand I don't know what is.
I start tomorrow, which is surreal. We are readjusting to new routines--mainly I'm readjusting. It's exciting and thrilling and just a little bit scary. But that's life--right?
Friday was also the annual Valentine's shopping endeavour.  Issa chose puppies and kitties; she addressed them all by herself this year:
 Evan chose Spiderman cards for his friends, but it was his teacher gifts that made us all laugh. For Miss Erica:
 Nothing says love like a bulldozer. Except maybe cars:
 Miss Nancy will be thrilled. At least it will be a memory of our little man.

Issa was a bit more traditional with her teacher gifts:
We are definitely feeling the love around here.

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