Friday, February 22, 2013

"I Made a Wrong Move"

Late last night (at least late in our world 9:00), our phone rang. When I saw it was our neighbor's number, panic set in. They've had their run of really scary sickness, and I was putting on my shoes ready to go sit with their daughter while they ran to an ER. It's just where my brain goes when when the phone rings at that hour.

Instead, I heard, "Do you have a minute? I want to tell you how amazing your daughter is."

Um...sure. Any mom will make a moment for that. I listened as she told a story that Issa hadn't shared...

Wednesday, the girls got off the bus and headed into her house, which is typical since I teach. Her daughter ran upstairs, though, clearly upset. Issa explained she had gotten in trouble on the bus for writing on the seat with an eraser. No big deal, but it did leave a mark that she had to wipe off before she could get off. I think her daughter was more embarrassed than anything else, but she was really upset.

My neighbor talked to her daughter, and as it turns out, Issa had been the one who told the bus driver, which is partly why her daughter was so upset. Issa was not in the room, and my neighbor explained that maybe Issa should have talked to her first, but that she was in the wrong and friends sometimes have to turn in their friends.

All of that is pretty mundane. Here's the magic. When my neighbor opened the door after putting her daughter back together, Issa was there. She looked right at my neighbor and said, "I made a wrong move, didn't I?" Completely calm.

My neighbor remarked at her maturity, her willingness to accept whatever the adult said. They talked about talking to our friends, but my neighbor supported Issa in reporting what she saw--it was wrong. I'm grateful for that.

Issa went in and apologized to her friend--not for telling, making it clear she didn't like the behavior, but for not talking to her first. All was well.

While I wish Issa hadn't tattled, I am so proud of her response. I am so proud that we are blessed with a little girl who is willing to own her mistakes. And I am so grateful for a neighbor that would call and tell me about it.

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