Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

The big day has finally arrived! Brad and I are going on our big date Saturday, so today is pretty much for the kiddos. They woke up to this:
 Each heart has a reason we love them on the back. They were pretty excited, and I am getting slightly addicted to doorway decorating.

Issa also wanted a special surprise Valentine's snack, so I came up with this one:
 I cut the pita (which she will now eat) into a heart and filled it with strawberry jam. I know it is bizarre, but she will be thrilled. She is such a bizarre eater. Exhibit B:
Her special Valentine's lunch. She wanted cereal with milk (that's what's in the small cup so it's not a soggy mess by lunch) and a Valentine's surprise. The banana message was the best I could come up with to go with cereal. The kiddos also requested my chicken noodle soup for dinner. We are nothing if not non-traditional around here.

They both went to school with their Valentine's treats, but they were way too bouncy to even attempt a picture. Maybe I can get one tonight after the sugar crash?

Happy Heart Day, everyone!

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