Thursday, February 28, 2013

School Spirit

Yesterday, my day started in a room of first graders. It's career week at Issa's school, and it was my turn to come in and talk about what I do. The kids were astounded I had completed 24 years of was I. I had them help me do the math, and I almost cried in front of them. Good grief that's a lot. They were so funny as I tried to explain what teachers need to learn and how I help. I gave them each a postcard of my campus, and then I had them create postcards for my students about what new teachers need to know. They are hanging outside of my office, and they make me blissfully happy.
Today, Issa's school is having a hat day:
 You have to love the princess hat turned backwards. For $1, you can wear your hat all day, which is way cool when you are six. I love that the money goes towards making the playground more accessible for all students. Love this school!

For Evan, this week is Circus Week. May I introduce our little clown?
He has had us all in stitches all morning. Why do I have this fear I'm looking at his career week, too?

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