Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Valentine's

Saturday, we headed out bright and early to continue our traditional Valentine's trip to Build-a-Bear.
Issa really dressed for the occasion and chose a panda:
 Evan gave in to Issa and wore red, and I know you are shocked, but he chose a puppy:
 They were both really into the whole experience this year. They loved the heart ceremony, and they gave their critters quite the air bath:
 After amazingly little time, they had finished their new friends! Meet Fluffy, the puppy, and Valentine, the panda:
Valentine is very sparkly, and true to form, Evan thought it was ridiculous to put a puppy in clothes. It is, however, perfectly reasonable to give him a glove, bat, and baseball.
After Build-a-Bear, we enjoyed a celebratory lunch, and then we headed to Verizon. Brad picked up a new phone, and I got his iPhone, bringing me into the modern era. It was a lovely day, and Fluffy and Valentine are still getting extra cuddles. The Valentine's celebration continues!
(On a side note, I won't be starting my new job until next Tuesday. I love working on a small campus, but it means that when one person takes a vacation paperwork comes to a screeching halt!)

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