Friday, February 15, 2013

Heart Breaker

We had a lovely Valentine's day, and I wanted to share a few highlights.
If you are going to have chicken noodle soup for dinner, you can at least have heart shaped vegetables in it:
 The kids found the heart shaped carrots hysterical.

Daddy brought home some pretty flowers:
 I had picked up some chocolate and champagne that we enjoyed after the kiddos were in bed. We might share some of the chocolate tonight...or we might not.

 The kids spent a lot of time sorting candy and reading Valentine's cards from friends. The highlight, though, was this poster:
It's her first Valentine's gift from a boy. Hunter gave it to her at school, and he wrote "To Issa. From Hunter. Happy Valentine's Day" on the back--all spelled correctly. Issa was so cute about it, but this was my favorite part:
She showed Daddy her first Valentine's gift. He did so well. He affirmed how thoughtful it was and then:
He poured himself a drink. Oh how I love this man.

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