Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Husband Rocks!

I have the best husband ever. He worked for two days to gut interiors of cabinets, replace sub-floor, install all new plumbing, and give me a brand new shiny sink. I might have fallen in love all over again.
Sunday morning, we started with this:
 I loved the shape of this sink, but that was about it. The white was impossible to keep clean, and it had to be caressed off or it would drip. Not an attractive quality in a sink. And there was some no insignificant water damage under the sink.

He is such a great daddy. He narrated the process to his audience:
 The kids loved watching him, and Evan ultimately became the screwdriver boy and had some man time on a parts run to Home Depot. Be still my heart.

 New subfloor. That is a hole to our crawl space. Another reason I love this man: he indulges my freak outs. I may have slightly lost my shorts Sunday at lunch when there wasn't enough counter space or water to make lunch--even just warming things up. I rallied, but oh how I do not like mess in my kitchen...especially when I can also see the crawl space in my kitchen.

And Evan:
 This might have been the highlight of his little life.

Look at that beautiful new cabinet interior.
 Look at my hero, the love of my life, who happens to hate having his picture taken:
 And look at my shiny new sink!
 Oh yes, the sprayer is in the faucet, and oh yes, it has a matching built-in soap dispenser.

I think it really classes up the kitchen:
I am one very, very happy lady this morning.


  1. Wow! What an amazing guy! He seriously is the best! B.E.S.T.! It looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Beth! I'm pretty thrilled with both.