Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Chefs

Somehow, I committed to making homemade pasta last night. I'm really not even sure how it happened. In the morning, we were talking in vague generalities about how you make pasta and that somehow turned in to we'll do it tonight. The last time we did this, I just remember it being a horrible mess and wanting to curl up on the kitchen floor in the fetal position. As it turns out, the kids are big enough now that it was actually fun and only mildly destroyed my kitchen.

I did the initial combining of flour and eggs because it needs to be done by hand and both children declared there was no way they were doing it. But...they took over the kneading:
The many faces of Evan kneading:

Some pictures just don't need captions, and I think that series speaks for itself. The last one is a little Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but you'll have that.

After all of the kneading, the kids took turns cranking:
And Issa announced she was making the spaghetti sauce all on her own:
She browned the sausage and added everything but the garlic. I was too afraid to turn her loose with that one. It was very tasty!

Please notice the flour on Evan's forehead:
And the spaghetti sauce, well, everywhere:
But we ended up with some delicious pasta!
I dried half of it to boil tonight and have with the leftover sauce.Please say a little prayer for us. We are interviewing a potential new babysitter tonight over dinner. She sounds incredible on paper and over the phone; now we just have to pray she is a fit! As Nana said, "If Viv doesn't eat her, she's a keeper." It's not a bad thought. Those are Viv's kids, and she is a great judge of character.

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