Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet Stella

In the midst of getting ready for Issa's first competition, we had to say goodbye to a part of the family:
 Our van finally gave up the ghost. It had seen us through nearly eight years and had 200,558 miles on it. The gas gauge didn't work, and lately most of the gauges had been wonky. Brad took it in Tuesday, and we discovered it had a hole in the radiator and a failing alternator. It was time.

I crumbled. We drove to every baby shower in that van. It moved me out of my first classroom and into numerous offices. It brought both babies home, and it took us on more trips than I can name. First Christmases, beach trips, Great Wolf. It held so many memories, but it was time to say goodbye.

Thankfully, Brad was a rock star and did some fast research. Meet Stella:
She joined our family Thursday--just in time for our Atlanta trip. I am convinced the salesman thinks I am a nut job; I actually cried when I passed him the keys to old van. But, I do love Stella. She is also a Town and Country--just ten years newer. She also has fold and go seats and drives like a dream. All the gauges work, and life is good. I'm sure she will carry us to many more memories, but I'm still missing my old van just a little bit--goldfish crumbs and all.

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