Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Officially Looking Love-ly Around Here

We are still snowed in. Issa technically had a three hour delay today, but I'm keeping her home because she had some tummy trouble yesterday. I will spare you all the gross details, but thanks to Nana the super-sleuth we think it's from a water glass she had squirreled up in  her room. I just don't want to send her to school and find out it is actually a virus we just shared.

Yesterday, we decided to spend the day making Valentine's Day decorations. The best part of this set is we made them all with things we already had around the house.

We started with a new wreath on the door:
 Issa made this Valentine's mistletoe:
 And then we decided it was time to take the snow down from Daddy's window and replace it with hearts:
 Here is one up close:
These were a little tricky for the kids, but I love them in the window!

Today, we have declared it a movie day! We are also planning a Chinese feast to celebrate the new year. Here's to hoping we're all well enough by dinner to enjoy it!

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