Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not One But Two

So...the babysitter saga concludes...

I believe I mentioned I had a phone interview with a fabulous candidate and we were planning to interview her and hopefully hire her. Well...she cancelled the second interview and we threw in the towel with her.

Meanwhile, I continued to receive great applicants from Care.com. I really can't say enough how wonderful that site is! One applicant was a freshman at UNC, and I really liked her when we spoke on the phone. She was a little younger than our first applicant, but she has experience as a camp counselor and graduated from NC Science and Math--both very promising signs. We set up an interview for Friday, and I crossed my fingers.

Friday morning, I received an email from her stating she would completely understand if the answer was no, but since we were meeting in our home instead of a public place could she please bring her roommate. Why, yes. That actually shows impeccable judgement, and I liked her even more.

Erin, the applicant, and Serina arrived at our house five minutes early dressed for an interview--hose, heels and pearls. We chatted, and then the kids asked them to come see the playroom and their rooms, and it was a done deal. Erin jumped right in, playing and oohing and aahing appropriately. As a bonus, the kids fell in love with Serina, too. Although we primarily need help on Thursdays, there are random other days, and between the two of them, they can cover every day of the week.

We have emailed back and forth a few times, and Erin comes for the first time today. I sent her a two page outline of every possible thing she could need to know yesterday, and she didn't run for the hills, so that's a good sign. The kids are so excited to play with their new "friends," and I am so excited that we found two sitters that I feel so incredibly comfortable with and confident in when I can't be there. Here's hoping today is the start of something very wonderful...

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