Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Magic of Just Being

This weekend, two of Brad's college roommate came for a visit. Even though we have collectively experienced marriage, divorce, career changes, advanced degrees, and babies, when we get together it feels just the way it did when we were in undergrad.

Many of the same jokes resurface. I had to make monkey bread, and we stayed up way too late. Of course, some things change. A new girlfriend (who is lovely) was brought into the circle. Our conversations are more nuanced and certainly wiser, and our kiddos were brought into the mix. I love that they are growing up knowing Uncle Tim, and I love that there was time made for building train tracks and a marathon Monopoly game.

I struggled with what to write today because there was no fabulous moment--no big event. Maybe that's the magic. We don't need one. It's enough to just be.

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