Thursday, January 30, 2014

Work Would be a Break

We are still "snowed in." I am quite confident I could get any where I needed to, but anywhere I would go is closed. we are.

Yesterday was very, very busy. So busy that I think work would be a break. I barely got breakfast in the kids before they were headed out to play in the snow:
Horrible lighting, but they were not too interested in moving away from the door they were trying to burst through.

The first stop was Evan's new rain gauge. The news was correct; we got three inches.
The saucer was a huge hit:
Evan needed a little push to get going:
The hill is really not that big, but it's enough to slide down and then crash into the other side, which is apparently hysterical.

After about thirty minutes, they were freezing. So, they pulled off all the snow gear, took off wet clothes, and I made hot cocoa--at nine in the morning. Why not?

Then Issa decided it was the perfect day for a science experiment. She found one about using ice and salt to make a slushy. Look at that concentration:
Once the salt was stirred into the ice and the cup settled in the center, we poured in our juice:
You can see how helpful Evan is:
He had a snack while Issa worked. We then stirred every ten minutes for two hours. If anyone knows the name for when you stir and whoosh you have crystals that would be awesome. It was so cool to watch, but the Google has failed me and Issa's book was more focused on the salt ice combo.

We also dug out some craft kits:

Issa made a beautiful butterfly magnet:
Evan made a wooden truck:
Do you think he was excited?

He loved pounding the wheels in with his little hammer.

After all that fun, the neighbor came over to make sugar cookies:
Why not add frosting and sprinkles to the mix:
They went back out in the snow while I reclaimed the kitchen, and then they finally decided maybe some quiet time wasn't a terrible idea:
You have to love a boy and his dog.

The kids made spaghetti sauce, and we put another fire in the fireplace. In short, it was a perfect snow day. And now...we have another one.

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