Monday, February 3, 2014

A Weekend Wrap-Up List

It was just one of those weekends...

1. Issa was in fact fine Friday. Getting rid of the foul water bottle solved her problem, and we were able to enjoy our little Chinese New Year feast.

2. Daddy came home Friday night, and we spent Saturday have a family fun day. We got hair cuts, went out to lunch, got new shoes, and went to the grocery. As I'm typing, I realize that to most people that's not much of a fun day, but we had a blast.

3. Saturday night, Daddy made Issa a special celebratory dinner for her report card. She rocked it out again this quarter, and we couldn't be more proud! She requested his Alfredo and chocolate lava cakes. Well done, sister.

4. Sunday, we declared it a much needed family pajama and snuggle day. We spent most of it on the couch playing games and watching football. It's the one day a year when we all pretend we really love football. The boys watch more, but Issa and I are fine with one day. We had all chosen the Seahawks for the win, but Issa and I actually started to feel badly for Manning. The close-ups of his face throughout the game were just pitiful.

5. The alarms actually went off at normal time today. No more snow. No one was very excited to hear them.

6. Here's to a perfectly normal week--I could use one!

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