Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Great Team

So...we need to have a little work done in our crawl space. We've known it was coming, and it seems as though now is the time.

Brad has been running point on this for obvious reasons, but one of the people we are getting a quote from insisted that we both be there when he went through our options. We set a time yesterday afternoon, and about fifteen minutes in I'm pretty sure the poor man was wishing he had just met with Brad.

Here's the deal. Brad and I have been together since 1998. To say we know each other is a mastery of understatement. This poor fellow was going through his pitch, and I looked at Brad across the table. Game on. I know what the look means. Brad liked what he was seeing as far as the work, but the price was insane.

I have gotten really good at playing the poor Southern belle. I can ask for the most ridiculous things while looking like I don't know they are ridiculous. So...I started pitching all manner of combinations of what they could do versus what we could do. Brad can run numbers in his head faster than anyone I know. A call to the manager and a few more haggles and we had cut the price by nearly half with them still doing the work. When the poor fellow stepped out to call the manager we agreed we were really sure he was wishing someone else had gotten this pitch.

Brad is getting two more estimates today, but we will probably go with the quote from yesterday just because we have a history with the company.

Really, the work is secondary, though. I love being part of this team.

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