Friday, February 14, 2014


We had an absolutely fabulous snow day yesterday. We started out in our front yard:
 You can see how deep it was based on Viv's legs. In the morning, we had about six inches with a decent layer of ice on top. If you kept moving, you could walk on top of it.

The kids started sledding down our little ditch while I attempted to shovel the front walk:
 The speed was amazing because of the ice:
 Issa also collected snow for snow cream!
 Pretty soon, many of the neighbors started coming out with sleds. Mr. Patrick, one of the dads, started pulling the kids on sleds down the road and letting go so they would go flying. It was great fun until Issa face planted in an ice bank. She has a bit of a scraped up face, but she jumped right back on without missing a beat!

After many attempts on flat surfaces, we decided we needed a hill. Three families, us included, headed down to the end of the street to sled down our road. It's a pretty decent little hill, and half the neighborhood had the same idea:

 Issa was so sweet. I don't know how many times she pulled Evan up and down that hill. Mr. Patrick, who is really a big kid himself, decided we needed an even bigger hill! So...we went to a construction site up the road and sledded their fill pile:
 Evan was a trooper. I have no idea how many times he went up and down:
 He was one happy camper:
 Issa wanted none of that hill, though.

Eventually, the kids were exhausted and we started getting some freezing rain, so it was time to head home. Mr. Patrick hauled the three littlest:
 Ms. Meg and Ms. Allison pulled the bigger girls:
I was the dedicated photographer. I totally got the better end of this deal!

It was so fun. I loved playing in the snow with the neighbors, and so did the kids.

In the afternoon, we made snow cream and watched another three inches fall. And now...we're off to build a snowman!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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