Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's More Than Dance

On the way home from dance, Issa confided that one of her teammates had shared that she was having some trouble at school. Issa was pretty sure it was a bully, and she wanted my help. First, parenting win. I always hope that the kids truly hear when we talk about problems that need grown-ups and us being part of their team, but when Issa actually asked I was so grateful.

We got home and I texted her mom Issa's concerns, and her mom texted back that with a few questions she found out there was indeed a bully, and now they can start working on the problem. The nets had worked.

That in and of itself is a happy ending. Our girls are truly learning the meaning of friendship, and they are learning there is a network of families that are there to support and be the safety nets.

And that's the thing. Every once in a while, more often than I would like, someone makes comments about me being a dance mom and how they could never do that and oh the drama and on and on and on. I would be lying if I said there was never any drama, but to think it's like that stupid tv show is beyond ludicrous.

The Truth: I'm a dance mom. Yes, that means I stone costumes and knox buns and apply eye liner and live at the studio. Yes, that means I can name three websites for great dance wear and I haul a Dream Duffle bigger than my child. That's the surface, though. It also means I am a dance mom to several other girls who know I'm there if they need help or just need a ponytail--and Issa can name several of her own other dance moms that would do the same for her. And here's the beauty, I trust these women implicitly. We share a connection through a studio, but we also share the value of hard work, dedication, and teaching our girls that they are strong and capable. We are teaching them about confidence and friendship and loyalty and sisterhood because we live it week in and week out. At some point, each of the girls has hit a wall, and her team has rallied around her. At some point, every one of we moms have hit a wall, and our team rallied around her--around me.

So, yes, I'm a dance mom. And I'm damn proud of it.

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