Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm a Southerner

We are bracing for another snow/ice/freezing rain debacle. I sent the kids in this morning knowing they are coming home early. Last night, we got a phone call from Issa's school stating they would be closing no later than 11. read that correctly. The time right now is 11, but they might move that up. They will try to give us thirty minutes' notice. Needless to say, I'm working from home since my commute is about thirty minutes on a good day.

We stocked up pretty well on our last grocery trip knowing this was coming, but we got word Monday that Issa was in fact having a Valentine's Day party, which meant we needed Valentine's and juice boxes, which meant I had to brave the store the day before a get Valentine's. Those two events should not coincide--EVER.

The kids and I pulled in to a parking spot after much hunting and headed in to the store. At that point, we discovered there were no carts. We hadn't seen any in the parking lot, either. That should tell you the general state of the aisles.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I told the kids I would buy them each a pack of their very own gum if they could help me carry what we needed and asked for nothing else. We started in the Valentine aisle, and every mother standing there had the same "please help me" face. Issa made a selection in record time, and we headed to the juice boxes. At this point, I realized the water shelves were completely empty, which started some Southern part of my brain twitching.

Next thing I know we are picking up milk, bread, wine, and cupcakes. I can't explain the cupcakes. It just felt right.

We made it to the check-out and home relatively unscathed...and I realized I have become part of the grocery before a storm problem.

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