Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Day, Part Two

Friday, we enjoyed one more snow day. The kids were desperate to build a snowman:
 It was not great packing snow, but we started with snowballs the plows had made, which made the whole endeavor possible. Before long, the neighborhood had joined in:
 And Evan had checked out:
 He likes snowmen, but the building of one is not so exciting. There was snow that needed bulldozing.

The girls were very proud of Olaf Junior:
 As soon as he was finished, they were back on the sleds:
 I love that face:
 And we went back to the big hill one more time. These boys are buddies:
The kids all had a blast, and by Friday afternoon we could go to dance and the library. By this morning, it's mostly all gone aside from what the plows piled up. It was great fun, but I'm quite glad we are all back in school and back into the routine.

Tomorrow, I'll share our big Valentine's Day celebrations!

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